Staying Creative

I’m not a fan of long lists that tell you how to live your life. There’s plenty of those being circulated around the web but I don’t have the patience to go through their 15-20-40 odd pointers. We are unique individuals and what behavior works for one doesn’t necessarily come around as second nature for another. But, this list I’m about to embed, stands out. For starters it is a video, a really creative one from To-Fu. There’s a lot to take away from it.

The deal with this video is, I haven’t picked up their advice and dropped it within a week, something we all tend to do! I especially loved their idea of carrying a notebook everywhere and have been doing so since last year. Even though we have our fancy gadgets, its always refreshing to carry a little notebook in which you can write down your random ideas. I’m yet to get back into the habit of reading the dictionary again and definitely must learn to relax my mind more. This is one of those brilliant videos you want to check out every-time you feel stuck in a rut.


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